Medical examinations of athletes

Liječnički pregledi sportaša

Basic medical examination for athletes

The following must be brought to the examination:

  • ID card
  • club card for authentication (if the athlete has one)
  • medical documentation/medical report if you suffer from some diseases/conditions
  • a certificate from the chosen doctor not older than one month or an extract from the medical record

The basic medical examination for an athlete includes a clinical examination by an occupational medicine specialist, measurement of height and weight, ECG and spirometry, and as well filling out questionnaires for athlete examinations.


What should I bring to the medical examination for athletes?

It is necessary to bring to the examination a certificate from a family medicine doctor about your state of health (or send it to an e-mail before your arrival for the examination), if you have a club card, an identity card, and medical documentation/findings (of competent medical specialists) if you are ill from some diseases/conditions.

How often is an examination performed for athletes?

Medical examination for athletes is performed every 6 months.

Is the medical examination the same for all athletes?

No, the medical examination for athletes depends on the sport the athlete plays. For contact sports (boxing/kick boxing) and motocross, the medical examination is more comprehensive than the basic examination.

Why do I have to fill out a questionnaire at the examination?

The athlete (or parent) fills out a questionnaire so that the doctor can get information about your health problems during training or during the competition, as well as information about chronical diseases in your family.