About us

O nama

The expert medical team of the OptimaMed Institution for healthcare provides professional, high-quality and fast medical examination services in the field of specific health care, occupational and sports medicine, and aviation medicine. We perform examinations in the newly renovated, modern and pleasant environment of our institution, and the friendly staff is available to answer all your questions and doubts regarding the examinations we perform.

Based on many years of experience in working with aviation personnel of all categories both in Croatia and from most European countries, we wish to be a reliable partner to all participants in the aviation industry, not only in relation to the issuance of certificates of medical fitness to aviation personnel, but also support in relation to prevention and preservation of mental and physical health, as well as in the field of nutrition, physical activity, sleep hygiene and prevention of the development of harmful effects of chronic stress on the health of aviation personnel.

We are regularly educated at international congresses and follow all recent events in the field of aviation medicine in Europe, and we apply the acquired knowledge in our daily work with aviation personnel.

Our goal is to provide all our clients with an individual, holistic and professional healthcare service without crowds and long waits in a comfortable, modern environment. We want to create a relationship of trust and be available through existing communication channels, all in the service of preserving the health and working ability of our clients.